Facials, Dermaplaning, Waxing

Please inform us, at least 24 hours prior to arriving for your appointment, of any serious allergies or issues, or if you have any specific questions, that may be contraindications for receiving treatment so that we may best accommodate your needs.

Antioxidant and Chocolate Facials include steam, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, mask, serum, SPF or other moisturizer, eye and lip moisture, as well as massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 

(Facial Waxing Available As An Add-On) 

Antioxidant ~ Graceful Aging Facial ~ 60 min (Facial Waxing Available As An Add-On)

This facial will leave your skin glowing and your whole being balanced and radiant. Experience instant brightness and smoothness. In just one treatment, you will see renewed skin.
(Vitamin C or glycolic peel if appropriate)

Chocolate Decadence Facial ~ 60 min (Facial Waxing Available As An Add-On)

Decadent and Delicious! The decadent aroma of chocolate fills the air as a smooth, dark chocolate mask is applied, rich in antioxidants. It brings a radiant, healthy glow to the skin.

Dermaplaning(Facial Waxing Available As An Add-On)

Proud to be DermaplanePro certified! More than just shaving, this rejuvenating, exfoliating facial removes dead skin and “peach fuzz” (vellus hair) with a scalpel blade that is specific for this treatment. The DermaplanePro® method is an oil method which is much more comfortable than the dry method. There is no downtime and you will notice a radiant difference after your first treatment. Your skin will absolutely glow!


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