Abhyanga – A massage using warmed, therapeutic oils infused with medicinal herbs and aromatherapy. Abhyanga provides a trans-dermal means for absorption of the healing qualities in the massage oil, helping your skin, the largest organ in the body, to better perform its function of nourishing the underlying tissues as well as helping to move toxins into the gastrointestinal tract where they can more easily be removed by the body.
Abhyanga is a full body massage from head to toe, including the scalp and abdomen and stimulates the marma points located all over the body.
The benefits of Abhyanga are increased circulation, toning of the muscles, calming for the nerves, lubrication of the joints, softer, smoother skin, increased mental alertness while at the same time incredibly soothing to provide better, deeper sleep.

“Samadhi” Abhyanga~Steam Treatment~Shirodhara ~

Abhyanga (Massage) ~

Abhyanga (Massage) with Shirodhara ~

Abhyanga (Massage) with Steam Treatment ~

Shirodhara – A traditional ritual that is profoundly calming to the central nervous system. The treatment that I perform begins with a gentle massage to the head, neck, abdomen and feet to settle the mind and relax the face. All of which leads to an anointing of the third eye (mid-forehead) with a continuous steam of warm, herb-infused Ayurvedic oil which is tremendously calming and tranquilizing, making it highly effective for stress management. Tibetans call it “psycho-spiritual massage”.
The benefits of Shirodhara are relief of stress and insomnia, can help ease eye strain, relief from headaches, can help with issues regarding poor concentration, memory or ADHD, pituitary dysfunction and hormonal imbalances.

PediKarma – A unique foot treatment ritual inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vatki, begins with a balancing, aroma-therapeutic foot soak using Himalayan pink salt and epsom salt. Then while comfortably resting on the massage table (traditionally face down, but you may opt to be face up) you will receive a rejuvenating marma point/reflexology massage using customized oil followed by a rare foot massage with a three-metal, or Kansa, bowl from India. Finally your feet are dusted with a scented herbal powder (ubtan) and wrapped in warm towels. The treatment ends with a few minutes devoted to the massage of the hands and finally the head (neck, face and scalp).
The benefits of PediKarma are calming to the nervous system, relaxing and grounding, help with digestion, increases circulation to the brain, reduces acidity in the body, balances the subtle energies of the body, creates a feeling of peace, feet feel fresh, light and energized.

Pedi Karma ~

Indian “Champissage”-Head Massage A head massage, including the upper back, shoulders, arms, and hands, based on the traditional head massage widely performed in India. Oils are used either sparingly or generously depending on your preference.
Many of us spend so much time each day sitting in front of a computer with less than ideal seating creating poor posture which can lead to head, neck and eye strain and pain in the upper back.
The benefits of Indian “Champissage” are increased circulation which aids in stimulating the proper flow of blood and lymph; relief of pain and tension of the head, neck, upper back, and shoulders which promotes mental alertness and clarity. You leave feeling rejuvenated, soothed and tranquil.

Indian Champissage – Head Massage  ~

Massage and Body Treatments

Reduce stress and anxiety, improve circulation, self-care for your whole self.

Signature Massage60 min              75 min

Ayurvedic Treatments:

Pedi Karma ~ 60 min

Abhyanga (Massage) ~    60 min

Abhyanga (Massage) with Shirodhara ~    90 min
Abhyanga (Massage) with Steam Treatment ~ 75 min & 90 min

“Samadhi” Abhyanga ~ Steam Treatment ~ Shirodhara ~ 120 min

Indian Champissage ~ Head/Face-Neck-Upper Shoulder-Arm & Hand Massage  ~  45 min