Your Food, Your Health, Your World

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The massage and skin care therapies I offer at my studio are just part of a broader path I’m on.  My life’s work is about helping all of us reach our most complete and uplifting health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.  Because in seeking a broader wellness for ourselves, we in turn bring more wellness to each other and to the world around us.  By reaching out to you here with information and avenues that can move you to greater wellness, I help build a community with you in it that fosters and advances a rich wellness for all of us.

What Does Food Have To Do With It?

I believe the most vital element at the foundation  of our wellness on every level, including our very mood and disposition to even care about our health, is our food. I also believe that really understanding a handful of key issues surrounding our food (which I will present here) can make all the difference between thinking we are on a healthy path, and being able to make informed choices about how far on or off the path we really are.  Some of this information may surprise you.

Ayurveda, the oldest wellness science on earth (and one of the most widely practiced), is a subject I have studied for years, and which has both infused my practice and taught me a great deal about the food-wellness connections in our lives.  A key idea is that if we set aside pills, injections and surgery, the only way medicine can enter our bodies is in the form of food.  So when our food is unwell, it actually becomes toxic to our own wellness, literally a poison.  And that is the problem facing each of us today.  I cannot put it better than the words of a doctor here in Tucson who said “The truth is, over 90% of the food in the average American diet today is just plain toxic.”  Wow.

The good news is, some of the most delicious and satisfying foods, as well as the healthiest, are all around us.  We just have to know what to look for, and we can literally lift our wellness and our entire lives in ways we may have long given up on.  Food is that powerful.  So let’s go exploring.  Here are some summary discussions and links about two of the major food issues of our time, and why they matter so much to us and our world: